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fuck me hard and call me Eva

shiver mein timbers! achtung!

avast mein fürher!
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nazi pirates are the scourge of the seven reichs.

we are all going to die Hölle.

disclaimer: WE ARE NOT NAZIS, NOR DO WE ADVOCATE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT SORT OF THING. unless it happens to be kinky sex in jackboots. phwoar.
"bad dates", "they're_digging_in_the_wrong_place!", achtung, allo allo, arr!, auschwitz the musical, battening down the hatches, beer made by monks, big medals, blitzkrieg, bratwurst up the bottom, buried treasure, buxom frauleins, cyber parrots, der analverkehr, der perversling, der sex, die gummiblaumeisen, die hölle, die oralsex, die soße, domination, dubious moustaches, enourmous weapons, fisting with leather gloves, french mistresses, fuck_me_hard_and_call_me_eva, german dominatrixes, german porn, geschlechtsverkehr, grog, hans the cabin boy, heidi, helmets, how_appropriate_you_fight_like_a_cow, jack sparrow (captain), jackboots, keelhauling, killing indiana jones, laibach kittens, leather, lederhösen, looking_sinister_in_leather_coats, melting nazis, menacing people, poopdecks, portentuous thunderstorms, raiding the lost ark, raping and pillaging, scars, schnell, shiny metal hooks, shiny trench coats, snakes, spanking, stern rogering, stormtroopers, suspenders, swabbing das deck, swallowing bucketloads, swastika panties, that weird ass monkey, third_reich_beach_babes, torpedoes, u boats, unf, vorsprung durtsch technik, walking die planke, wanking to military music, wooden legs, wrongness